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Blog10 - The heroine, the short and long-term effects it has on the body, mind and spirit!

The heroine, the short and long-term effects it has on the body, mind and spirit!

What exactly is heroin

Heroine is an illegal drug known as an opioid.  It can be bought on the illegal drug market under a variety of names and in different forms and variations.  The main basis of the drug is morphine which has been modified and is extremely addictive to those that use it.

The different forms of heroin

There are a few variants of heroine and new versions popping up all the time some of the most commonly known ones are:

  • White powder or White heroinIn this form, the heroine can be mixed with various other substances such as powdered milk, sugar, quinine and various starches. Whereas the powder form is usually white these additives can make the powder take on a yellowish or brownish color.
  • Black tar heroin
    This form of heroin is a black sticky substance much like that of tar, hence its name. It can also be found to be as hard as a lump of coal.  Its dark color is a direct cause of the way it is processed and the impurities the processing leaves within the product.

Heroin - The heroine, the short and long-term effects it has on the body, mind and spirit!

The different ways heroin is taken

There are a few ways in which the drug is taken by those who indulge in the drug.  But no matter which way it is taken the drug tends to act quickly giving people the instant high they are looking for and come to crave from this potent drug.  As the drug reaches the brain no matter which way it is taken the user experiences a rush and is then sent in alternating states of drowsiness and wakefulness.  This rush is also accompanied by the feeling of heavy extremities, warm flushing skin and a dry mouth.

Users tend to either:

  • Snort heroine.
  • Smoke heroine
  • Inject heroin

The fatal side effects of using heroin

Heroin has a high toxicity rate in terms of how it poisons certain cells in both the body and the brain.  As heroin binds to the opiate receptors in the brain the long-term effects of heroin use tend to be very damaging to the brain and its overall ability to function properly.

The effects of heroin on a person’s body are also damaging in that it damages the central nervous system and a person’s muscles start to weaken and deteriorate.  Repeated injecting can cause the collapse of veins and sores to become ulcerated.

The continued snorting of the substance has been known to eat into the fine membrane of the user’s nose.


Heroin is one of the worst drug addictions to recover from and the process one has to go through in order to kick the habit has been likened to that of torcher but in the end, a person health is worth the cost.

Blog9 - Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

School drug use

In a recent survey in America, it was found that around 17% of high school students use some form of substance during school hours.  Substances such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are consumed as well as kids selling prescription drugs meant for the treatment of various learning and mental health treatments.

Here are some reasons why a teen would try drugs

#1           Lack of reliable information about substances

Most teens succumb to substance abuse as they are not well informed on the various substances.  So, when a friend assures them there are minimal risks or that they take them without any problems most are going to shrug and give it a try.  Not realizing that their bodies could have a violent reaction to the substance.

studen - Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

#2           Pressure at school and home life

In the world that is not only full of challenges but there is also a fight to get the best grades in order to get into top schools to earn those top jobs.  It is a lot of pressure on a teen to excel both in school and at home.  So, they turn to drugs to help them cope or just a few here and there to help them study.  Not realizing that even just those few have already put them on a dangerous path.

#3           The lack of self-confidence

Some teens are shy and awkward, substances tend to lower their inhibitions and allow them to step outside of their comfort zones.  This is made worse when they are being bullied or feel ignored and or shunned by the “cool” kids in the school.

mad - Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

#4           Behavioral problems

For some teens, it is a pure act of rebellion.  Breaking into their parent’s liquor cabinet, creating trouble and stirring things up.  In a lot of cases, it is a cry for help as the teens continued acts of disruption are a sure way of pulling attention to him and or of punishing their parents.  Some teens will go the opposite way through and use substances such as marijuana to escape a bad environment and withdraw.

#5           Media

In one survey it showed that almost 45% of teens statements were about the music industry making the smoking of weed seem cool and some tv shows and movies make it seem so as well.  Then there is also the high press that celebrities get about their drug usage.


When our kids go to school it is supposed to be a place where they are safe but not only are schools becoming more and more like prisons due to having to have high security in some neighborhoods but now a parent has to worry about the selling of drugs on school premises as well.As a parent, we have to ask ourselves what are we going to do about it?

There are centers that can help you and your teen through addiction.

Blog8 - 5 Ways to conquer a nicotine addiction

5 Ways to conquer a nicotine addiction

Quitting smoking

Smoking can be quite a tricky habit to kick.  But with today’s laws on where you can and cannot smoke, who you are allowed and not allowed to smoke around, etc.  Their smoking space is slowly decreasing, for all those who are trying to quit altogether for many reasons including cutting down the cost of a pack of smokes would give you quite a bit more spending money every month, do have a hard time quitting.  It can give quite a powerful craving that may pass in a few minutes but to some those few minutes can actually feel like hours.

Here are 5 ways to conquer the cravings

#1           Physical activity
When the urge hits get physical, take the dog for a walk, go for a run, a swim or do some weight training.  You can even start a hobby that will require your intense concentration and before you know it your craving will pass.  Each time it does it will get less and less intense.

#2           Mentally psych yourself up
Don’t underestimate the power of your mind.  You can mentally psych yourself out of wanting to have a cigarette.  Especially if you can find something else to do with your hands as well.  Try a fidget spinner they can actually be quite entertaining too.

medit - 5 Ways to conquer a nicotine addiction

#3           Meditate
There are many values for the body, mind and spirit to meditating, just mastering the art itself is a challenge.  This ancient art has been taking hold in the western world and with good reason.  Research into the practice has been showing that it can actually improve both mental and physical health.  Using it to help quit smoking can significantly increase the smokers chance of being a lot more successful in quitting!

#4           Know and try to diffuse your triggers
As smokers tend to be lighting up a lot they start to associate various scenarios and or actions with the habit.  For instance, on their drive home from work, at a social or when they are having their morning cup of coffee.  In order to successfully quit smoking a smoker should realize their triggers and find a way to counteract the need to light up.  For instance, on the ride home instead of lighting up switch on the music and have a loud sing-along.  If stuck in traffic learn to do some Callanetics that tone your muscles in order to keep your mind off wanting to light up.

#5           Nicotine Patch or some form of nicotine replacement therapy
There are a few choices here the best is to consult your doctor or pharmacist.  There is always the over the counter nicotine patches or your doctor can write you various prescriptions such as:


As with quitting any bad habit, it is hard, sometimes you just find yourself doing it like a reflex.  With smoking not only are you left wondering what to do with your hands, but your body craves the nicotine is have become accustomed too.

Blog7 - The great debate on the top 5 pros and cons of marijuana

The great debate on the top 5 pros and cons of marijuana


Marijuana has been a hot debate for years on the pros and cons of having it legalized and used as a medicine to treat various ailments, diseases and there is even some research into it being used in some substance abuse rehabilitation programs.

5 Pros and Cons debate of marijuana

#1           Pros – research shows that marijuana could greatly impact the lives of adults and children in the treatment of epilepsy, cancer and even Alzheimer’s.  It has also been seen to be able to reduce pain which could cut down the need for harmful painkillers.

Cons – some doctors and scientist argue that there really is no such thing as medical marijuana and that the risks of the drug are all too well known and there is still the fact that it can be an addictive disease that has proven to lead to other problems and fatalities such as road accidents and psychosis.

#2           Pros – there is little evidence that supports the fact that taking marijuana can cause any health risks.  There have been no reported cases of lung cancer or emphysema caused by marijuana.

Cons- studies have shown that smoking marijuana has been associated with chronic bronchitis, large airway inflammation and lung hyperinflation.

#3           Pros – marijuana is the only anti-nausea medicine that increases the appetite in patients undergoing treatment.

Cons – there are no consistent medical facts that support this evidence and there are less dangerous drugs on the market that offer the same relief.

#4           Pros – marijuana has great analgesic effects and can be quite effective in the treatment of chronic pain.  It also has never had any lethal dosages, it has little to no interactions with other drugs and can take in many forms other than having to smoke it.

Cons – There is no scientific evidence that supports these statements other than it does produce short-term central nervous system euphoria which has been known to alleviate some of the pain.  But no evidence to show that it can in anyway help in the long term.

#5           Pros –much of marijuana users do not go on to using other drugs.  That since some places have legalized medical marijuana there has been a decrease in people dying from opioid and heroin overdoses.

Cons – those who take marijuana and are addicted to the substance are possibly 3 times more likely to become addicted to substances such as heroin.


There are states in America that have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana and there are the believers in the substances and those that still oppose it.  As with everything, there will always be the two sides, but it is a personal choice and if there are rules governing the legal use of the substance.  Those that use the substance do not abuse it and stick the rules maybe society will start to see what those who are pro-marijuana are all about.

Blog6 - The most commonly used drugs, how to identify them and their effects!

The most commonly used drugs, how to identify them and their effects!

The use of recreational drugs

It is not uncommon to find recreational drugs being used at clubs, parties, bars and even company restrooms these days.  One must be careful as it not uncommon for people to spike a person drink when they are no looking.  There have even been incidents where someone has been stuck with a needle loaded with a drug on a crowded dance floor.

The most commonly used party drugs and their effects

Learning how to identify drugs can be useful for both you and being able to get help for someone you care about should you notice excessive use of them.  Most of the party drugs are listed controlled substances that have control schedules which are enforced by the DEA.

meth - The most commonly used drugs, how to identify them and their effects!

These drugs are:

  • Amyl nitrates
    These are butyl nitrate, aroma of man, poppers, hardware, locker room and rush
  • Methamphetamine
    These are Speed, crank, ice, crystal meth and bennies
  • Ketamine Hydrochloride
    These are Ketalar, special K, vitamin K and cat Valium
  • MDMA
    Ecstasy, clarity, XTC, methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, X and STP
  • Cocaine

The powder form is known as snow, coke, coca, coco, powder or dust.
It is also known in rock form as Freebase, Rocks or crack cocaine.

The effects of using these drugs can include:

  • General feelings of pleasure
  • Empathy
  • Great emotional awareness
  • An increase in energy
  • Environment disassociation which enables one to dance away the night without stop

The drugs can have the following Psychological effect on the user:

  • Impairment of judgement
  • A loss of inhibitions
  • Lose track of time
  • Become careless and reckless

The drugs can have severe effects on a person’s physical being:

Ketamine was developed for and is still used to sedate animals for them to undergo minor treatments or surgeries.  Under a controlled environment, the drug has been known to increase the heart rate of the patient and causes a separation of sensation and perception much like the effects of laughing gas has on a person.

MDMA affects that of a person’s mood as it stimulates the neurotransmitter serotonin and is why it is basically called the “hug drug”.  Known as ecstasy as it gives the person a feeling of peaceful acceptance, tolerance and a desire to express love.  It is also taken before sex for great arousal and orgasms.

Most of the list of drugs were produced for some form of a medical condition but when taken as a stimulant, although they can have a euphoric effect the can also have dire ones such as:

  • Severely affect their nervous system
  • Cause respiratory distress
  • Can cause cardiovascular complications


Never leave your drinks unattended when out at a club or bar, if you have left a drink on the counter rather get a new one and do not take the chance especially if you are on your own.  Be vigilant and if you feel strange at any point to seek help immediately it is always a good idea to have a location app or various help, support and emergency numbers on your phone.  Always ensure your GPS is on when going out on the town!

Blog5 - What is huffing and what are the signs and symptoms of it?

What is huffing and what are the signs and symptoms of it?

Inhalant Abuse has been sweeping the country at an alarming rate

Huffing is the slang term for inhalant abuse which is common amongst the younger generation especially teens under the age of eighteen.  It is the deliberate inhaling of common household products to achieve some sort of euphoric high from the vapors.

Some of the common product ingredients used by inhalant abusers are:

  • Aerosol sprays such as deodorants, hair-sprays and spray paints
  • Gas such as nitrous oxide commonly known as laughing gas
  • Volatile solvents such as nail polish remover, glue, petrol, Marker pens with felt-tips and paint thinners.
  • Nitrites which are used in room deodorizes, although these are usually used to sexually arouse rather than euphoric arousal and found in the older generation.

Signs of Inhalant abuse

As the products being used are those that you commonly keep in your household cleaner cupboard there are no real great tells.  But here are a few things a parent can keep an eye out for:

  • Co-ordination problems
  • Nausea
  • Child seems drunk
  • Disorientated
  • No appetite
  • They have slurred speech
  • Unexplained pain
  • Chemical smells on their clothing and or breath
  • You may find excessive empty spray paint cans
  • Clothes that are soaked in various solvents

As most household products are easily bought and not too expensive like the harder drugs it makes them a lot more obtainable to teens.

sick - What is huffing and what are the signs and symptoms of it?

The effects of inhalants on a child

The effect produced by inhalants is almost the same as that of being intoxicated by alcohol.

Some teen described feeling drowsy, having a loss of inhibition and feeling like they were floating or lightheaded.

Prolonged use of the inhalants can cause:

  • Dizziness – which can lead to the teen passing out potentially putting them in harm’s way
  • Having delusions which can result in a teen harming themselves as with the hallucinations it can cause
  • Impaired judgement as with alcohol even walking in this state not only endangers the child but also puts people around them at risk for instance if the child crosses the road without looking.
  • There is weight loss with the prolonged use of the substance
  • Violent mood swings and depression
  • Weakness
  • Death can result from the use of inhalants both for inexperienced first-timers and those using over a long period of time.
  • The use of inhalants usually leads to the use of other substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol.


If you suspect your teen of using inhalants it is best to seek help and guidance before things escalate. has a section dedicated to helping teens and their family cope.

Blog4new - 3 Tips for mothers trying to cope with a son or daughter’s addiction

3 Tips for mothers trying to cope with a son or daughter’s addiction

The heartbreak of a child dealing with addiction

When you become a parent no matter how prepared you may think you are, there is no actual handbook that guides you through the ups, downs, joys, heartaches and bumps along the way.  There are the general guidelines that are just the basic facts of life as each child is unique!

Trying to figure out what went wrong

When your child turns 18 they are basically a young adult and start to steer their lives in the direction they want it to go.  As a parent, you reluctantly let go of the reins hoping beyond hope that they will be okay.  And when something goes wrong the first reaction as a parent is one that you somehow failed them somewhere along the way.  You start harboring guilt and maybe even shame thinking that if only you had done something differently and the big what if and if only factors start to plague you.  Some parents react in anger and go on the defensive.

The truth of the matter Once your child is grown there are no parental do-overs, there is no point in beating yourself up over things you think you may or may not have been able to do better.And really there is no such thing as a perfect parent!

mom - 3 Tips for mothers trying to cope with a son or daughter’s addiction

Once a child reaches adulthood you as a parent are no longer responsible for their life choices just as your parents were not responsible for yours.  And as an adult where are responsible for our very own life choices and as an adult do know the differences between right and wrong!

Here are 3 tips for coping with a son or daughter who is an addict:

#1           Love them – without prejudice or consequence show them how much you love them.  But don’t indulge them they must realize there are consequences to their actions.

#2           Help them find the help and support they need – instead of trying to bail them out of difficult situations or aiding them with the financial help of which you cannot be certain of how it is being spent.  Rather offer to assist them in finding the help and support they need to recover.

#3           Don’t give up on them – no matter how difficult they get, or how much they try to deny their addiction.  Don’t give up on, it is hard and trying, many a time you will just want to give up and walk away but this is the time they need you the most even if they do not know it.

mom2 - 3 Tips for mothers trying to cope with a son or daughter’s addiction


A parent never wants to see their child suffer or believe that they can do things that would potentially put themselves and or others in harm way.  But there are no guarantees in life and anything can happen as a parent you have to try to keep your wits about you, stay focused on the fact that your child’s addiction is not your fault and push through as best you can!  Seek help for you and your family members to help you all navigate through the difficult times ahead.

Blog3new - The dire effects of drug abuse on children!

The dire effects of drug abuse on children!

Parents who are addicted to drugs

Kids with parents who are drug addicts, especially those under the age of 12, can experience neglect, witness and experience traumatic events and come to feel unloved and neglected.  In kids that young these effects become lasting and ingrained into their sense of self which can severely affect their development physically and emotionally.

4 devastating and lasting effects parents with drug addictions have on their kids:

It is estimated that approximately 1 in every 5 children in the USA lives with a parent who has some form of substance abuse addiction.  Making these kids much more likely than those with normal lives susceptible to the following outcomes:

#1           Higher risk of addiction

The statistic for children living with a parent or parents who abuse substances is almost four times more likely to be more vulnerable to the substance than any other person.  Therefore drawing the dire conclusion that the child will most likely end up abusing the substance themselves.  Especially children whose mothers took drugs whilst pregnant with them.

child2 - The dire effects of drug abuse on children!

#2           Educational standards are a lot lower than average

Kids with a mother who took drugs whilst pregnant stand a higher chance of having memory, learning deficits as well as disorders such as hyperactivity and various other learning disorders.

#3           Greater risk of mental health issues and disorder

A study showed that fathers who abused drugs were more likely to have kids with severe mental health disorders especially those who suffered dire abuse at the hands of that parent.  Kids with a mother who abuses substances are also at a higher risk of mental health disorders such as ODD, ADHD, depression, stress-related disorders and anxiety

child - The dire effects of drug abuse on children!

#4           Erratic behavioral and emotional problems

Kids with a parent or parents with substance abuse issues tend to have more behavioral disorders and can become very defensive, abusive and can act out rather badly when away from home.  Or they can go the other way and become withdrawn some to such an extent they try to escape reality by creating worlds of their own and can become quite adept at lying and covering up their family situation.


If you suspect a child is being abused on any level it is always best to contact theChild Welfare Services.  Although no one likes a busybody who sticks their nose in other people’s business, but the fact of the matter is when it comes down to protecting the life of an innocent child that is caught up in the middle of something they neither understand, asked for and is no way their fault it is better to be that busybody than landing up on the grimmer side of that coin.

Blog2 - 5 best rehabilitation centers in America

5 best rehabilitation centers in America

Rehabilitation and treatment centers

With the many, many treatments for drug abuse across America, it is often hard to make an informed decision.  We at Alcohol Affiliate have put together five centers we think have a lot to offer someone suffering from drug addiction.

5 Drug addiction rehabilitation and treatment centers in the USA

#1           The Caron Foundation
With centers throughout the USA and the only center with affiliations to the University of Pennsylvania.  This affiliation is what makes these centers unique and highly advanced in all its treatment programs and forms of scientific research.  Each center provides complete individual care and programs per patient by tailoring them to the specific needs of their client.  It is nationally recognized as being a non-profit substance addiction treatment provider.

#2           Sundown M Ranch
Set on a beautiful ranch in Yakima, Washington this facility provides its guests with a safe, calm and therapeutic environment in which they help them work through the process of their drug and or alcohol addiction programs.  The clinic has received three “Outstanding Clinicians Awards” for psychiatric services provided by Dr Fred Montgomery at the ranch.

behavior - 5 best rehabilitation centers in America

#3           Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches
One of the most up-to-date treatment centers which have recently grown and are able to accommodate more patients.  The center is renowned for its outstanding care and services.

#4           Betty Ford Center
Still one of the most famous of rehab centers in California offering those affected by addiction and their family excellent support and treatment programs since its doors opened in 1982!

#5           Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab
Located in the beautiful Napa Valley, Duffy’s helps people to focus on healing their minds, bodies and souls to overcome the devastating effects substance abuse has on those suffering from addiction and their loved ones.


Taking that first step is huge progress on your path to addiction recovery so make sure the center you choose is the best fit for you and that staff have your best interests at heart as most of the programs offered by these centers are not easy ones and you need to feel safe in their hands.

Blog1 - 5 signs of substance abuse

5 signs of substance abuse

If you suspect something its best to follow up

The excessive use and abuse of alcohol and drugs is a very serious problem! If left untreated can quickly turn into a very bad state of drug depends or alcoholism.  Which not only destroys yours, families and loved ones lives as well but does result in death as a body can only take so much abuse.  The thing is no one can really say how much yours can take before it gives in!

5 signs of substance abuse:

mood2 - 5 signs of substance abuse

#1           Being secretive
The party using will hide the number of pills, alcohol or the substance being abused.  Those that inject themselves will wear long sleeves to cover the marks.

#2           A loss of control
Every time they use or drink they promise themselves they have a handle on things and this is the last time.  But each time the abuse gets a bit more excessive until they just cannot stop at all.

#3           Unnecessary risk taking
Some people who addicted to certain painkillers have been known to deliberately hurt themselves, sometimes very badly and take undue risks to do so, to get the drugs, they need.

#4           Neglecting themselves and various activities
They start to neglect themselves, their appearance and even their personal hygiene, as well as weight loss. Become disinterested in things they once loved.

mood - 5 signs of substance abuse

#5           Change in their mood, attitude towards things
They become moody, withdrawn, sullen or even abusive.


Sometimes we are as much in denial about a loved one’s addiction as they are.  Especially if it is that of a child, spouse or parent.  They too sometimes feel as if they have failed those around them, that you would not understand and or they tend to blame you or others for their addiction.  We are not all professionals or doctors and have not been trained to handle everything in life we tend to muck through it as it is thrown at us so the best thing to do if you find yourself in such a situation is to speak to someone who is apt at dealing with this, it is confidential, discreet and could save both yours and your loved one’s life!