Blog9 - Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

School drug use

In a recent survey in America, it was found that around 17% of high school students use some form of substance during school hours.  Substances such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are consumed as well as kids selling prescription drugs meant for the treatment of various learning and mental health treatments.

Here are some reasons why a teen would try drugs

#1           Lack of reliable information about substances

Most teens succumb to substance abuse as they are not well informed on the various substances.  So, when a friend assures them there are minimal risks or that they take them without any problems most are going to shrug and give it a try.  Not realizing that their bodies could have a violent reaction to the substance.

studen - Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

#2           Pressure at school and home life

In the world that is not only full of challenges but there is also a fight to get the best grades in order to get into top schools to earn those top jobs.  It is a lot of pressure on a teen to excel both in school and at home.  So, they turn to drugs to help them cope or just a few here and there to help them study.  Not realizing that even just those few have already put them on a dangerous path.

#3           The lack of self-confidence

Some teens are shy and awkward, substances tend to lower their inhibitions and allow them to step outside of their comfort zones.  This is made worse when they are being bullied or feel ignored and or shunned by the “cool” kids in the school.

mad - Drugs in the schoolyard, a growing concern of parents everywhere!

#4           Behavioral problems

For some teens, it is a pure act of rebellion.  Breaking into their parent’s liquor cabinet, creating trouble and stirring things up.  In a lot of cases, it is a cry for help as the teens continued acts of disruption are a sure way of pulling attention to him and or of punishing their parents.  Some teens will go the opposite way through and use substances such as marijuana to escape a bad environment and withdraw.

#5           Media

In one survey it showed that almost 45% of teens statements were about the music industry making the smoking of weed seem cool and some tv shows and movies make it seem so as well.  Then there is also the high press that celebrities get about their drug usage.


When our kids go to school it is supposed to be a place where they are safe but not only are schools becoming more and more like prisons due to having to have high security in some neighborhoods but now a parent has to worry about the selling of drugs on school premises as well.As a parent, we have to ask ourselves what are we going to do about it?

There are centers that can help you and your teen through addiction.