Blog2 - 5 best rehabilitation centers in America

5 best rehabilitation centers in America

Rehabilitation and treatment centers

With the many, many treatments for drug abuse across America, it is often hard to make an informed decision.  We at Alcohol Affiliate have put together five centers we think have a lot to offer someone suffering from drug addiction.

5 Drug addiction rehabilitation and treatment centers in the USA

#1           The Caron Foundation
With centers throughout the USA and the only center with affiliations to the University of Pennsylvania.  This affiliation is what makes these centers unique and highly advanced in all its treatment programs and forms of scientific research.  Each center provides complete individual care and programs per patient by tailoring them to the specific needs of their client.  It is nationally recognized as being a non-profit substance addiction treatment provider.

#2           Sundown M Ranch
Set on a beautiful ranch in Yakima, Washington this facility provides its guests with a safe, calm and therapeutic environment in which they help them work through the process of their drug and or alcohol addiction programs.  The clinic has received three “Outstanding Clinicians Awards” for psychiatric services provided by Dr Fred Montgomery at the ranch.

behavior - 5 best rehabilitation centers in America

#3           Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches
One of the most up-to-date treatment centers which have recently grown and are able to accommodate more patients.  The center is renowned for its outstanding care and services.

#4           Betty Ford Center
Still one of the most famous of rehab centers in California offering those affected by addiction and their family excellent support and treatment programs since its doors opened in 1982!

#5           Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab
Located in the beautiful Napa Valley, Duffy’s helps people to focus on healing their minds, bodies and souls to overcome the devastating effects substance abuse has on those suffering from addiction and their loved ones.


Taking that first step is huge progress on your path to addiction recovery so make sure the center you choose is the best fit for you and that staff have your best interests at heart as most of the programs offered by these centers are not easy ones and you need to feel safe in their hands.