Blog8 - 5 Ways to conquer a nicotine addiction

5 Ways to conquer a nicotine addiction

Quitting smoking

Smoking can be quite a tricky habit to kick.  But with today’s laws on where you can and cannot smoke, who you are allowed and not allowed to smoke around, etc.  Their smoking space is slowly decreasing, for all those who are trying to quit altogether for many reasons including cutting down the cost of a pack of smokes would give you quite a bit more spending money every month, do have a hard time quitting.  It can give quite a powerful craving that may pass in a few minutes but to some those few minutes can actually feel like hours.

Here are 5 ways to conquer the cravings

#1           Physical activity
When the urge hits get physical, take the dog for a walk, go for a run, a swim or do some weight training.  You can even start a hobby that will require your intense concentration and before you know it your craving will pass.  Each time it does it will get less and less intense.

#2           Mentally psych yourself up
Don’t underestimate the power of your mind.  You can mentally psych yourself out of wanting to have a cigarette.  Especially if you can find something else to do with your hands as well.  Try a fidget spinner they can actually be quite entertaining too.

medit - 5 Ways to conquer a nicotine addiction

#3           Meditate
There are many values for the body, mind and spirit to meditating, just mastering the art itself is a challenge.  This ancient art has been taking hold in the western world and with good reason.  Research into the practice has been showing that it can actually improve both mental and physical health.  Using it to help quit smoking can significantly increase the smokers chance of being a lot more successful in quitting!

#4           Know and try to diffuse your triggers
As smokers tend to be lighting up a lot they start to associate various scenarios and or actions with the habit.  For instance, on their drive home from work, at a social or when they are having their morning cup of coffee.  In order to successfully quit smoking a smoker should realize their triggers and find a way to counteract the need to light up.  For instance, on the ride home instead of lighting up switch on the music and have a loud sing-along.  If stuck in traffic learn to do some Callanetics that tone your muscles in order to keep your mind off wanting to light up.

#5           Nicotine Patch or some form of nicotine replacement therapy
There are a few choices here the best is to consult your doctor or pharmacist.  There is always the over the counter nicotine patches or your doctor can write you various prescriptions such as:


As with quitting any bad habit, it is hard, sometimes you just find yourself doing it like a reflex.  With smoking not only are you left wondering what to do with your hands, but your body craves the nicotine is have become accustomed too.