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5 signs of substance abuse

If you suspect something its best to follow up

The excessive use and abuse of alcohol and drugs is a very serious problem! If left untreated can quickly turn into a very bad state of drug depends or alcoholism.  Which not only destroys yours, families and loved ones lives as well but does result in death as a body can only take so much abuse.  The thing is no one can really say how much yours can take before it gives in!

5 signs of substance abuse:

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#1           Being secretive
The party using will hide the number of pills, alcohol or the substance being abused.  Those that inject themselves will wear long sleeves to cover the marks.

#2           A loss of control
Every time they use or drink they promise themselves they have a handle on things and this is the last time.  But each time the abuse gets a bit more excessive until they just cannot stop at all.

#3           Unnecessary risk taking
Some people who addicted to certain painkillers have been known to deliberately hurt themselves, sometimes very badly and take undue risks to do so, to get the drugs, they need.

#4           Neglecting themselves and various activities
They start to neglect themselves, their appearance and even their personal hygiene, as well as weight loss. Become disinterested in things they once loved.

mood - 5 signs of substance abuse

#5           Change in their mood, attitude towards things
They become moody, withdrawn, sullen or even abusive.


Sometimes we are as much in denial about a loved one’s addiction as they are.  Especially if it is that of a child, spouse or parent.  They too sometimes feel as if they have failed those around them, that you would not understand and or they tend to blame you or others for their addiction.  We are not all professionals or doctors and have not been trained to handle everything in life we tend to muck through it as it is thrown at us so the best thing to do if you find yourself in such a situation is to speak to someone who is apt at dealing with this, it is confidential, discreet and could save both yours and your loved one’s life!