Blog6 - The most commonly used drugs, how to identify them and their effects!

The most commonly used drugs, how to identify them and their effects!

The use of recreational drugs

It is not uncommon to find recreational drugs being used at clubs, parties, bars and even company restrooms these days.  One must be careful as it not uncommon for people to spike a person drink when they are no looking.  There have even been incidents where someone has been stuck with a needle loaded with a drug on a crowded dance floor.

The most commonly used party drugs and their effects

Learning how to identify drugs can be useful for both you and being able to get help for someone you care about should you notice excessive use of them.  Most of the party drugs are listed controlled substances that have control schedules which are enforced by the DEA.

meth - The most commonly used drugs, how to identify them and their effects!

These drugs are:

  • Amyl nitrates
    These are butyl nitrate, aroma of man, poppers, hardware, locker room and rush
  • Methamphetamine
    These are Speed, crank, ice, crystal meth and bennies
  • Ketamine Hydrochloride
    These are Ketalar, special K, vitamin K and cat Valium
  • MDMA
    Ecstasy, clarity, XTC, methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, X and STP
  • Cocaine

The powder form is known as snow, coke, coca, coco, powder or dust.
It is also known in rock form as Freebase, Rocks or crack cocaine.

The effects of using these drugs can include:

  • General feelings of pleasure
  • Empathy
  • Great emotional awareness
  • An increase in energy
  • Environment disassociation which enables one to dance away the night without stop

The drugs can have the following Psychological effect on the user:

  • Impairment of judgement
  • A loss of inhibitions
  • Lose track of time
  • Become careless and reckless

The drugs can have severe effects on a person’s physical being:

Ketamine was developed for and is still used to sedate animals for them to undergo minor treatments or surgeries.  Under a controlled environment, the drug has been known to increase the heart rate of the patient and causes a separation of sensation and perception much like the effects of laughing gas has on a person.

MDMA affects that of a person’s mood as it stimulates the neurotransmitter serotonin and is why it is basically called the “hug drug”.  Known as ecstasy as it gives the person a feeling of peaceful acceptance, tolerance and a desire to express love.  It is also taken before sex for great arousal and orgasms.

Most of the list of drugs were produced for some form of a medical condition but when taken as a stimulant, although they can have a euphoric effect the can also have dire ones such as:

  • Severely affect their nervous system
  • Cause respiratory distress
  • Can cause cardiovascular complications


Never leave your drinks unattended when out at a club or bar, if you have left a drink on the counter rather get a new one and do not take the chance especially if you are on your own.  Be vigilant and if you feel strange at any point to seek help immediately it is always a good idea to have a location app or various help, support and emergency numbers on your phone.  Always ensure your GPS is on when going out on the town!