Useful Tools

use - Useful Tools

The power of positive thought

We all have the power within us to help us get over and recover from most things.  Our minds are powerful and mysterious tools.  Alcohol Affiliate has put together some that we find to be quite useful.

Self-help tools to aid in addiction rehabilitation

#1           Meditation

There is a lot to be said for meditation as the practice it takes to master the art can be helpful in getting oneself back in touch with themselves!  As it forces you to find your center, get your balance and control to be able to quiet your mind and drift into a relaxed state to find your peace.

#2           Support hotlines 

Sometimes all it takes is a soft-spoken, confident and friendly voice at the other end of a phone line or a calm in a storm.  There are national and local to your area, hotlines that you can call when experiencing a crisis.  SAMHSA is on such national helpline and can aid in both crisis and a guide to pointing you in the right direction.

#3           Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous groups

These are free programs with literally thousands of support groups that can be found in just about any location nationally and internationally.  Their programs include buddy systems, support groups, sponsors and enable you to attend meetings with like-minded people in various stages of recovery.  The groups are usually overseen or run by trained professionals and offer various support, self-help tools and programs.


It takes dedication, hard work and perseveration to keep yourself on track with your recovery and maintain your sobriety.  People’s love, support and encouragement can only take you so far, it is up to you to do the rest so using every tool at your disposal is a smart thing to do.